Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where Buzz Words Fit In Your Resume

Compare these two statements:

  • "Proactive leader of manufacturing teams."
  • "Achieved a 20% increase in productivity by reorganizing manufacturing teams."

The first statement uses the buzz word "proactive" but is unsupported by facts. The second statement would light up the eyes of any manufacturing executive or recruiter.

Every time buzz words take over from substantial fact, your resume becomes weaker, until it could apply to any job applicant anywhere. But your goal is to stand out, to become the one candidate everyone wants to meet. To achieve, that, you have to throw out the buzz words and become specific.

Compare these two statements:

  • "Expert in the use of state-of-the-art technology to design fully functional websites."
  • "Designed corporate website using Joomla for $4 million company."

The second sentence is three words shorter but a whole lot more impressive. When you avoid buzz words in your resume, you create room for the facts that will win you your next job.

Robin Schlinger is the founder of Robin's Resumes which provides excellent services to those who value the best in Resumes and Career Marketing documentation.

Thanks to Robin Schlinger / Careerealism

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