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Overcoming Redundancy By Gordon Adams

Overcoming Redundancy

Overcoming Redundancy
By Gordon Adams

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So you've been made redundant? Join the crowd. Redundancy is now a common life experience, especially in a global recession! Almost a quarter of adults will be affected by redundancy during their lifetime. But you are not a victim. What matters now is how you react to the challenge. Overcoming redundancy will help you make the right decisions at this crucial time and it will help you choose the right future direction. Overcoming redundancy contains advice from survivors - from those who have been made redundant and have not only survived but turned it to their advantage. Many now look back on redundancy, with the benefit of hindsight, as the best thing that ever happened to them. Use this book to learn from their experience and advice. Redundancy is an intensely emotional experience. It can affect your self-esteem and motivation. You are only human if you feel a sense of anger, betrayal or loss when you are made redundant. Overcoming redundancy will help you cope with the social and emotional impacts of redundancy. It will also provide valuable tips on managing the financial effects of redundancy. And most importantly it will help you look forwards, not backwards. If you've been made redundant, reading this book is the first step towards bouncing back. Good luck!

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  • Published on: 2009-06-30
  • Released on: 2009-06-30
  • Format: Kindle eBook
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About the Author
Gordon Adams (Milton Keynes)is Managing Director of Alternative Futures, a research company which specialises in helping businesses and individuals to change. He has spent over 25 years working for leading organisations like Thomas Cook, the BBC and Reed International. He overcame redundancy himself in 2001 when he invested his redundancy payment to set up his own business. He has never looked back. The company which made him redundant is now his biggest client.

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5Believe in Yourself
By Rebecca Johnson
Overcoming Redundancy is written by a UK author but I still found it very helpful for people in the States. If you have recently lost a job you may feel angry and bitter. This book helps you to refocus and encourages you to see this job loss as a new opportunity instead of a tragedy. Gordon Adams has written a lovely book that will help you reassess your situation. He advises you to make change work for you. There are a lot of good ideas in this book including encouragement to network, advice on how to feed your self-esteem, instructions of how to retrain for a new career, advice on how to register with a recruitment consultant or you could even write a book. If you received a large check when you were let go the author advises you not to spend it all and instead to invest some of it or even to use it to start your own business. I found this book to be a pleasing and enjoyable read. I like that the author tries to keep the reader positive and gives hope that you will again find a great job, maybe even your dream job.

~The Rebecca Review

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