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The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation By Mark Sisson

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation
By Mark Sisson

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A 21-day step-by-step guide to transforming your body forever, using the proven principles of the best-selling book The Primal Blueprint. After a quick review of the Eight Key Concepts that you'll need to understand in order to achieve your genetic ideal weight, energy levels and physical tone, you'll get right into the action items: doing the workouts that provide the best results with the least effort; eating foods that stimulate your body to burn off your fat instead of store it - and discovering where to find them in restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets or in your home; knowing when and how much to eat so that you lose your cravings for sweets and never really go hungry again; learning how to bolster your immune system with foods you love, so you not only get sick less often, but you reduce your long term risk for disease. Then complete the 21 day's worth of Primal challenges and record them in the journal section. At the end of three weeks, you will be Primal for Life!

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #491 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2011-10-17
  • Released on: 2011-10-17
  • Format: Kindle eBook
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Customer Reviews

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5A Quick and Easy Jump to Longterm Primal Living
By Dan Sherman
I have been a big fan of Mark Sisson and his very sensible, well-reasoned, and comprehensive approach to living our lives so that they more closely align with the way our bodies were meant to be -- good food, adequate sleep, ongoing moderate exercise with occasional intense spikes, and intermittent fasting . His basic book (Primal Blueprint) is very easy to read and his website (Mark's Daily Apple)continuously provides information on a very wide range of topics. What I like about Mark's approach is that it seems to be based on good science (he has a degree in biology) and really isn't extreme -- his approach to lifestyle is that we make a number of mostly small changes most of the time.

There really is not much new in the book if you have read "The Primal Blueprint" or delved into Mark's website, but it is organized in very easy to follow sections that tell you about various things you need to do to become primal and then concludes with the 21-day plan, i.e., the 3-4 specific things you should do each day over 3 weeks to become primal. This really is not a one-time, three-week program though but the roadmap to transition to some long term lifestyle changes that bring our bodies and routines back to where we have been for most of our specie's existence (with room for the occasional dessert!).

I would highly recommend this book if you want a clear guide to how to shift to a primal lifestyle (you will feel better for the effort!) or want to help someone else easily adopt the primal lifestyle. It is easy to read and quite comprehensive, though you can always go to the "Primal Blueprint" or better yet I think Mark's website for more information.

One of the rare books I would give 6 stars to, though mostly for the excellent content!

PS I personally have done well at age 50+ by going primal and losing (and keeping off) some weight, getting stronger with fewer trips to the gym, and developing a lipid profile which my internist says is one of the best he has ever seem (good cholesterol consistently close to 100) and going from possible pre-hypertension to a consistent 110/70 blood pressure reading. All the while enjoying great food like buffalo burgers, loads of vegetables, eggs, nuts, good chocolate, etc.

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5Great starting point for beginners
By Gen of North Coast Gardening
This is a great starting point for those interested in living more primally - cutting out grains and sugars, moving naturally, and realigning your activities to more closely match the ways in which we evolved to live. I've been working towards becoming more primal for over a year now, and feel enormously better with each stride I take towards following this program more completely. And this book is a simple, inspiring, straight-to-the-point guide showing you exactly what steps to take to feel better fast.

This would be good if you're new to the primal way of life and want to reinforce some of the things you're learning, or get a good overview of it all in one place. I also loved the 21-day guide at the end that shows you how to implement all of the changes for a 21-day transformation. It's about 50 pages at the end of the book and is helpful if you're actually hoping to have a solid plan for making a huge change in less than one month.

This book covers similar information to what is found in The Primal Blueprint, just in a totally different style - much more "how-to" than "why-to". Mark tries in this book to summarize the action points and get you energized to DO this stuff. You know better what you'll find most helpful to start with - the in-depth descriptions of the reasoning behind this lifestyle in The Primal Blueprint, or just the "jump right in" details of how to get started that are in this book. There's a lot of overlap between the books, and I'd guess that anyone who has lived primally for more than six months only needs one of the two. I love the stories in The Primal Blueprint, but the photos and diagrams in this 21-Day book are great for that initial getting-on-track phase, so I'm torn as to which is better.

The one quibble I have with this new book is a tiny one. The author uses terms like PUFA and CAFO a lot, and forgets to periodically remind us what those terms stand for. He must have introduced the terms in the front of the book and not returned to them. I know what they mean since I've been primal a while, but always forget exactly what they stand for. Hopefully he can fix that little oversight in future editions. (You can always go to Marks Daily Apple, his very active blog, to get refreshed on any terminology he uses.)

This book, and The Primal Blueprint, both (probably intentionally) lack much inspiration about what to actually cook once he's cleared your cabinets of junk. Only so many salads and omelets one can eat. If you're new to this and are going to commit to a 21-day transformation, definitely get his Quick and Easy Primal cookbook at the same time, since it has a ton of delicious food that you can make fast, so this whole primal thing will seem do-able. On the flip side, I would avoid his first cookbook until you've completed the 21 day transformation, as it has absolutely marvelous recipes for things like primal pancakes and muffins, that you honestly shouldn't be eating much of during the first few weeks anyway (contain natural sugars and are high-calorie). The Quick and Easy cookbook has more of the type of food you will be eating everyday.

Overall, this is a colorful, easy-to-browse book that will be of great benefit to anyone getting started on the primal path.

29 of 31 people found the following review helpful.
By M. Foster
I started eating "primal" in may '11 @ 242 lbs. Today in Oct '11 I'm @ 200 lbs. More importantly I eat ALOT and stay full. I can skip meals with no problems and don't need to always have "snacks" around. It is just a great easy to understand eating philosophy that changes your body composition. I have gone from 40 inch waste down to a 34 inch waist and am still filling out a XL shirt. So I haven't just "deflated" I've lost fat and maintained my manly muscle. My goal is to be at my 19 year old weight of 170 by April. I follow the exercise routine about 50% of the time, which I'd like to improve, and I'm following the eating plan about 85% of the time. I sprint at the local college track on mondays (5x100), walk on tuesdays and thursdays, do a body weight workout at home wednesday and friday morning that takes 25 min max. and I try and do a long hike on the weekends. I easily lose 3lbs on my good weeks and on the weeks I cheat and don't excercise my weight holds steady. Pretty awesome....but the best part is all the compliments!!!!

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