Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HR Directors Unsure Of Themselves At Board Level

New UK research which examined HR/executive level relationships has revealed that while 87% of HR leaders are now part of their company's executive management committee, half reported not knowing what contribution their role makes to other functions and executives across the business.

That figure reflecting uncertainly was found to extend right through to the 40% of HR directors who have a place on senior management boards.

Steve Foster from NorthgateArinso, who commissioned the research, said the primary role of HR at boardroom tables was to communicate the bottom line of labour requirements, and provide their unique perspective during economic uncertainty.

Foster said that while tough choices are being made by CEOs and their boards, as to where and how deep to cut, HR must communicate how to best strike the balance between streamlining their workforce during the current economic volatility whilst hanging on to enough talent to succeed in the future.

"There is no doubt that the business savvy HR director is a valued voice for senior management to hear in these times," Foster added.

Further, Anthony Hesketh, senior lecturer at Lancaster University Management School who worked on the research project in collaboration with the HR Business Network, said it is an essential aspect of value brokerage that the company's top talent is retained during these times, and as such HR directors have emerged as critical friends of CEOs.

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