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Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How To Manage Childish Boss Behavior And Thrive In Your Job By Lynn Taylor

Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job

Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How To Manage Childish Boss Behavior And Thrive In Your Job By Lynn Taylor

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Product Description

An indispensable guide to dealing with challenging, childish boss behavior and building a great career, with laugh- out-loud humor built in. Based on extensive interviews among workers, managers and psychologists, Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant™ draws hilarious but true parallels between toddlers and managers. When under stress, both often have trouble moderating their power, or lose the ability to think rationally. Traits in common include tantrum-throwing, demanding, stubborn, moody, fickle, self-centered, needy and whiny behavior. BADD (Boss Attention Deficit Disorder) is discussed as part of "Short Attention Spans." There are 20 chapter traits in all, divided into "Bratty" and "Little Lost Lamb" categories, for easy reference, including real anecdotes and many useful tips.

When bad bosses run amok in companies, nobody wins. This book shows readers how to build positive relationships with even the most out-of-control boss, and still thrive in your job. The key to success lies in dealing with a Terrible Office Tyrant (or TOT™) much like a parent deals with a troublesome toddler. With true stories and time-tested solutions, this is the perfect guide managing a boss stuck in his Terrible Twos. Taylor takes you behind all the bossy blustering, so that you can focus on getting ahead – and achieve career excellence.

Savvy top management will also gain insight on what not to do with their team. They know that Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT) managers may not be in plain sight (they don't leave juice stains on the hallway carpet!) But they do wreak havoc on the bottom line. A special section helps senior management and Human Resource departments mitigate TOT behavior for a more productive workplace.

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Editorial Reviews

"Exceptionally helpful new book...excellent tips."
- JOYCE LAIN KENNEDY, national career columnist, Tribune Media Services, author of multiple career bestsellers, including Resumes For Dummies.

"Every firm will want to ensure that they are not a TOT incubator!"
SABEER BHATIA, cofounder of Hotmail, visionary, developer of the "Silicon Valley of India"

"Lynn Taylor helps you decode your boss...what barbs mean and how to deflect them."

"A savvy work read."

"Useful to many who feel trapped dealing with bad upper management."

"Insightful and practical…for anyone (and that means everyone) with a boss."
ROBIN KOVAL, bestselling coauthor of The Power of Nice & The Power of Small

"Nobody understands the psychodynamics of workplace relationships like Lynn Taylor."
DAPHNE ROSE KINGMA, bestselling author of ten relationship books, 6-time Oprah guest

"The advice in Taylor's book is preferable to going on the hunt for another job, except as a last resort."

"Well-researched and thought-out…Being able to identify behaviors and their triggers, and use of Taylor's coping strategies, will increase productivity and bring out the best in every employee — from the top down."

From the Inside Flap
Do you have a boss who acts like a demanding, stubborn, fickle, distracted, or needy child or engages in bullying tantrums, micro-management, mood swings, or endless whining? We all have to deal with imperfect bosses. Unfortunately, some of us have to deal with bad bosses who—if you aren't careful—can sink your career along with their own.

In Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT), Lynn Taylor gives you practical, real-world tactics for dealing with childish boss behavior without sacrificing your principles or exacerbating office strife. Wielding truth wrapped in hilarity, Taylor takes you behind the bossy blustering so that you can achieve your goals—and career excellence. Bosses will also benefit from this guide to gain insight on what not to do with their teams. If you are a CEO, you know instinctively that Terrible Office Tyrants (TOTs) wreak havoc in your company, harming the bottom line. A special section will help you stop TOT behavior in its tracks–for a more humanized, productive workplace.

Like you, Taylor knows childish behavior when she sees it. In fact, bad bosses and kids who act out have plenty in common. But tirades, moodiness, and demanding behavior don't have to ruin your workday. In Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant (TOT), Taylor shows you how to build positive relationships with even the most out-of-control boss and thrive in your job. The key to success lies in dealing with a TOT much like a parent deals with a troublesome toddler.

No matter what kind of TOT you face each day, Taylor profiles them all here—from brats to little lost lambs—and shows you how to successfully manage their behavior for the sake of your career and your sanity. Based on extensive interviews and in-depth research, this indispensable guide demonstrates that with the right approach, you can tame your TOT.

From the Back Cover
Praise For Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant

"Nobody understands the psychodynamics of workplace relationships like Lynn Taylor. With uncanny insight and laugh-out-loud humor, this gem will help you realize that you're not alone. Now you can take back emotional control and be unstoppable in your career success!"
Daphne Rose Kingma, relationship expert, six-time Oprah guest, bestselling author of ten books, including Loving Yourself

"CEOs, managers, and employees who read Lynn Taylor's eye-opening, clever book will want to take immediate steps to better channel human behavior and create a more vibrant, productive workplace. Every firm will want to ensure that they are not a TOT incubator!"
Sabeer Bhatia, cofounder of Hotmail, visionary, and developer of Nano City, the "Silicon Valley of India"

"Insightful and practical, this manual is for anyone (and that means everyone) with a boss. Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant contains surefire advice on how small adjustments in your behavior can turn even the worst TOT into Mr. Nice Guy."
Robin Koval, bestselling coauthor of The Power of Nice; coauthor of the newly released The Power of Small; and President, The Kaplan Thaler Group

"Lynn Taylor's timeless guide, laced with sharp wit, is the perfect antidote for employees surrounded by the gamut of office antics! It's also a wake-up call for senior managers who want to improve the bottom line."
Alan Engelson, apparel consultant, former senior vice president, Nautica

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

18 of 19 people found the following review helpful.
5The Boss should also read this book.
By Richard A. Levine
I have been a senior manager at a successful printing company for over 50 years. During that time, I have had as many as 100 employees. Even though this engaging book mostly deals with how the employee should handle their bosses, it is also a valuable lesson for managers who want to know how they are irritating their employees. There is also a management section on how to prevent the proliferation of "junior TOTs" among your staff, which gave me ideas, too.

I must admit that when I've been under pressure over the years to meet deadlines, there have been times when I behaved a bit like a tyrant. I have sometimes felt that my staff needed to be scolded like kids, before they did their job correctly. I believed that I had that right, because I paid them. From my point of view, I felt that a boss has every right do so because he (or she) is just that, "the boss." When I finally realized that they were laughing behind my back, I decided to seek advice on "Bossism."

After seeing Ms. Taylor's interview on TV, I decided to buy her book. Boy, what a lesson I learned! I wish I had read it sooner. It made me start to look at my employees from their perspective of me. I've begun to change my behavior and have started appreciating the employee's perspective of working for a bossy boss.

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful.
5Great advice for dealing with your boss!
By Mark Butler
If you've ever wondered how to improve your job situation, one of the first steps is to improve your relationship with your boss, and career expert Lynn Taylor has some amazing insights along with some great humor in her book, Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant. First of all, check out the book's cover. You'll notice that Lynn's term "Terrible Office Tyrant" breaks down to TOT. Lynn believes that many bosses possess the same traits as tots and toddlers. Some are hard to handle (whining, bullying, territorialism) and others are less abrasive but still challenging (fickleness, forgetfulness, short attention spans.) Throughout the book, Lynn provides helpful, friendly advice on dealing with the Top 20 types of boss behaviors, backed with her years of experience in the careers field. The end result? You'll learn how to cope with difficult bosses, and position yourself to have a stronger, more positive rapport with your boss. That can create much needed job security, as well as position you towards future success in your career. A must read!

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
5First Rate
By Headhunter
Take the amazing journey into the unique land of Lynn Taylor's - you'll enjoy the jungle ride into an original landscape, complete with familiar signposts. Instead of the usual mundane, plodding, self-help books, try on Taylor's hilarious perspective of workplace dynamics and how to deal with them successfully. Taylor has an original intelligence which she applies here to the business world in Taming Your Terrible Office Tyrant; adeptly using humor, grace, warmth, and situational street smart recipes which actually work.

Recommended highly to all strata of the corporate world, to anyone dealing with complex interpersonal relationships, or for plain laugh out loud entertainment. It's no accident that Taylor's recognized as a top workplace consultant. Read this book for innovative and highly creative techiniques to navigate through the maze of life and business unscathed.


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