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Reverse Innovation: Create Far From Home, Win Everywhere By Vijay Govindarajan, Chris Trimble

Reverse Innovation: Create Far From Home, Win Everywhere

Reverse Innovation: Create Far From Home, Win Everywhere By Vijay Govindarajan, Chris Trimble

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Product Description

The gap between rich nations and emerging economies is closing. As a result, the global dynamics of innovation are changing. No longer will innovations traverse the globe in only one direction, from developed nations to developing ones. They will also flow in reverse.

Authors Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth explain where, when, and why reverse innovation is on the rise, and why the implications are so profound—for nations, for companies, and for individuals. The authors focus in particular on a traditional pillar of rich-world economic vitality: successful and long-established multinational corporations. All are now seeking explosive growth in emerging economies, and all must learn new tricks in order to succeed.

Reverse Innovation shows leaders and senior managers how to make innovation in emerging markets happen, and how such innovations can unlock opportunities throughout the world. The book highlights the tribulations and triumphs of some of the world's leading companies (including GE, Deere & Company, P&G, and PepsiCo), illustrating exactly what works and what does not.

The new reality is that the future lies far from home. Whether you are a CEO, financier, strategist, marketer, scientist, engineer, national policymaker, or even a student forming your career aspirations, reverse innovation is a phenomenon you need to understand. This book will help you do that.

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Editorial Reviews


"…a book that offers provocative insights into the quickly changing dynamics of the global economy." "The book is rich with examples…" — The Wall Street Journal

"In Reverse Innovation, [the authors] argue that…western businesses must similarly learn new tricks from their emerging markets. It is an idea that they have been championing for years and which has become increasingly fashionable." — The Financial Times

"The book, an extension of a 2009 Harvard Business Review article that Govindarajan and Trimble co-authored with General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, reads like a how-to guide for executives looking to innovate beyond the U.S. and Europe." —

"Govindarajan [and Trimble] writes about how reverse innovation is rapidly changing the way companies think and how that's affecting the way they look at markets." — Fortune (India)

"This insightful book makes a compelling case for the developing world supplying the strongest emerging market of the new century." — Publishers Weekly

"This book shows how, counter-intuitively, there are many circumstances when business models and products developed in emerging markets can provide new opportunities in rich economies also." —

"Govindarajan and Trimble offer a framework for the next phase of globalization." — Jeffrey R. Immelt, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, General Electric

"Reverse Innovation is a playbook for leaders who want to unlock growth in emerging markets." — Robert A. McDonald, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Procter & Gamble Co.

"Innovation knows no geographic boundaries. This book is a defining work on how we invest and engage the future." — William D. Green, Chairman, Accenture

"Unique and important work, hard-hitting examples, detailed and actionable steps, and clear explanations." — Omar Ishrak, Chief Executive Officer, Medtronic, Inc.

"As the world's economic center of gravity continues to shift—and as new consumers continue to emerge—it's clear that the logic and business practices that drove yesterday's success won't drive tomorrow's." — Ajay Banga, President and Chief Executive Officer, MasterCard

"I wish I had this book ten years ago." — Peter F. Volanakis, Former Chief Operating Officer, Corning Technologies

About the Author

Vijay Govindarajan is the Earl C. Daum 1924 Professor of International Business at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and the first Professor-in-Residence and Chief Innovation Consultant at General Electric. He ranked third in the recent Thinkers 50 list of the greatest management thinkers in the world. Chris Trimble, a well-known innovation speaker and consultant, is also on the faculty at Tuck.
Customer Reviews

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5"Reverse innovation is not optional. It is oxygen."
World-class open-heart surgery for up to 1% of the costs of rich world comparables...: `Reverse innovations' - innovations developed for and adopted first in developing countries - have shown major potential in both emerging and, increasingly, developed markets.

The authors clearly outline why multinationals everywhere must and how they can learn to develop such compelling reverse innovations, in order to compete both far from home in vast and fast growing emerging markets, as well as in their own backyards.

A very exciting must-read for both those who are interested in sustaining business viability, as well as academics interested in exploring a rather new and stirring field of innovation sciences.

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5A simple and hugely important idea
By john moran
Great business books tend to either explain world-changing phenomena (e.g., Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From) or prescribe steps to become more successful (e.g., Jim Collins' Good to Great).

Reverse Innovation does both. It builds on groundbreaking earlier frameworks (including Clay Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation and Govindarajan and Trimble's own models of innovation execution) to both describe, and explain how to make use of, an astonishing phenomenon: emerging-market innovations that "defy gravity" to gain traction in developed economies.

This trend is real, and the authors have the examples to prove it - from John Deere and GE to numerous small companies and entrepreneurs you've never heard of. But the best part of the book is the combination of practical, how-to advice (they provide counterintuitive organizational steps to "create far from home and win everywhere") with the illustrations of how this trend is literally changing billions of lives.

The potential to win in rich markets as well as poor will attract every major corporation to solve the problems of those not at the "top of the pyramid." This is capitalism at its best: the profit motive as a phenomenal engine for the welfare of the entire world. Kudos to Govindarajan and Trimble for both uncovering the trend and providing a playbook for everyone to take advantage of it.

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
5Reverse Innovation
By Abhijit
Another gem from VG and Chris Trimble after the Other side of Innovation.

Why do we need to start from a clean slate in the developing world even if we have mastered the developed world in comparable categories?

Why would the developed world be interested in a product originally conceived in the developing world?

Traditionally it has always been the other way round.

And why ignoring these questions can cause incumbent corporations to lose in the long term?

A must read for innovators, strategists and business leaders.


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