Saturday, April 16, 2016

FASTER Meetings

FASTER Meetings. Want your meetings to build team spirit, improve cooperation, and increase productivity? Try a FASTER meeting. FASTER is my acronym for the key components of a weekly or (daily) meeting that is ideal for project teams. FASTER meetings work best for teams with no more than 10 members because the optimum length is no more than 10 minutes. In a FASTER meeting everyone has a turn to talk (many teams hold these standing up). When each team member has his or her turn they address the following:

Finished - What has been completed since the last meeting?

Acknowledgements - Who made their job easier?

Still outstanding - What are they working on now?

Trouble spots - What difficulties are they encountering?

Enlightenment - What have they learned?

Requests - What do they need?

The FASTER meeting provides a status update, allows the lead to reallocate tasks, provides opportunities for self and peer recognition, and builds understanding of the responsibilities of others. Give it a try.

Thanks to Cindy Ventrice / Ventrice and Company