Sunday, July 11, 2010

Five Practices To Encourage Employee Empowerment

New Bersin & Associates research shows a direct positive correlation between learning culture (the collective practices that encourage and enable open sharing of information and all forms of employee development) and business outcomes. The same research shows that most companies do not capitalize on this potential advantage.

Based on responses from 426 organizations, the study, "High-Impact Learning Culture," identifies 40 specific practices that have the greatest business impact, based on correlation to 10 business outcomes: customer input, customer responsiveness, customer satisfaction, innovation, employee productivity, workforce expertise, time to market, market share, cost structure, and learning agility.

The five practices that have the greatest business impact are:

  1. Leaders are open to hearing the truth, including bad news.
  2. Asking questions is encouraged of employees at all levels of the organization.
  3. Decision-making processes are clearly defined throughout the company
  4. Employees frequently are given tasks or projects beyond their current knowledge or skill level to stretch them developmentally
  5. Employees have influence over which job tasks are assigned to them.

Of the top 10 practices, companies struggle with this one the most. Only 23 percent list it as a strength.

Thanks to Inside Training / Lakewood Media Group LLC