Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eight Ways For Sales Reps To Differentiate From The Competition

How can sales people differentiate themselves from their competitors? We asked some sales managers to share their advice. They said:

1. Sell a total solution.  Most sales reps focus too much on the product per se. To differentiate yourself, sales reps must move beyond the product, identifying the value-adds that help the customer achieve their business outcomes.

2. Understand your competitor.  The competition isn't just the other company – it's also the company's sales reps.  So, know who the competitive sales reps are, their histories with the account, and their relationships with the customer.

3. Don't underestimate the importance of relationships.  Although effective B2B selling is not just relationship selling, selling is still a personal business. People buy from who they know and like – so get to know your customers and build relationships with them.

4. Have solid product knowledge. But, also be an effective communicator, do what you say you are going to do, have unbridled enthusiasm, and convey an undying belief in your company.

5. Create an accurate picture of the competitive landscape. Learn who your supporters and adversaries are. Determine how much impact they have on the buying decision and have an accurate picture of the competition – not just from your point of view but, more importantly, from the customer's view.

6. Distinguish yourself by how you sell, not just by want you sell. Use the sales process to help your customers develop a more comprehensive understanding of the scope of the problem

7. Look at the big picture. Understand the external issues facing the company – e.g., economic shifts, regulatory changes, and industry trends.

8. Leverage your experience.  While the depth of your customers' knowledge about their own company is significant, as a sales person you can bring breadth to the sales environment by helping the customer see how other companies have tackled similar issues.

Thanks to Janet Spirer / SalesTrainingConnection / Sales Horizons, LLC.


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