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GUNNAR Computer Eyewear - Weezer Fire Frame From Gunnar Optiks

GUNNAR Computer Eyewear - Weezer Fire Frame

GUNNAR Computer Eyewear - Weezer Fire Frame
From Gunnar Optiks

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Product Description

Broadband. The WEEZER creates an unobstructed landscape view with broad coverage and ample viewing area. Highly wrapped frames create an optimal micro-climate and ultra-light stainless steel frames boost the comfort level in any high amplitude scenario.

Product Details
  • Color: Fire
  • Brand: Gunnar Optiks
  • Model: G001-C009
  • Dimensions: 2.00" h x 3.00" w x 7.00" l,


  • diAMIX lens material - a custom blended proprietary polymer, which beats out polycarbonate on the toughness scale and rivals the undisputed optics of ground glass.
  • fRACTYLlens geometry - custom designed to provide focusing power that eases eye strain.  The wrapped lenses also reduce air flow around the eye, creating a microclimate with increased moisture levels.
  • i-FIlens coatings ? anti-glare coatings that filter out harsh artificial reflected light.
  • iONIK lens tint - Specially formulated tints condition and shift the color spectrum to provide superior contrast, detail and resolution.
  • Frame Design - built for visual endurance, GUNNAR frame systems are engineered for optimal weight, comfort and durability.
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Manufacturer Description
Your eyes are tired...staring at a computer for hours and hours takes its toll. The common solutions for handling eyestrain require you to modify your work habits or take numerous breaks throughout the day. They're all patchy fixes that pull you away from your work. So take your eye fatigue or less productivity.

There is a better technology driven solution that works with and enhances properties of the human eye. Gunnar digital eyewear increases visual performance, prevents Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF) and protects against full-blown Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). It all begins with i-AMP lens technology -- an optical platform that incorporates proprietary lens materials, lens tints, lens coatings, and lens geometry. Gunnar digital performance eyewear is engineered for an immediate and profound visual advantage and now even the most demanding computer users are more productive and more effective for longer periods of time. Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear -- the must have digital performance equipment for your digital lifestyle.

Catalyst Metal Weezer
Broadband. The Weezer creates an unobstructed landscape view with broad coverage and ample viewing area. Highly wrapped frames create an optimal micro-climate and ultra-light stainless steel frames boost the comfort level in any high amplitude scenario.

i-FI lens coatings
i-Fi lens coatings filter and protect. Our proprietary nano-filters help capture all of the good light coming from the computer screen while diffusing the bad reflective light and glare. The outer coating provides a protective layer that shields the lens from scratching, abrasion, and oxidation damage.

fRACTYL lens geometry
Computer generated fRACTYL lens geometry mimics nature through advanced science and engineering. Aiding the natural focusing power of the cornea, our lens geometry eases eyestrain caused by near distance computer viewing. fRACTYL lens geometry uses independently curved front and back surfaces to provide unparalleled distortion-free optics. Fused with Gunnar frames, the tightly arced lenses form a personal ocular microclimate that prevents dry eyes.

iONik lens tints
iONik lens tints take harsh artificial light and precisely tune it to match the anatomy of the eye. Our custom organic dye compounds condition and shift transmitted light into the preferred color spectrum, increasing visual contrast, detail and resolution. Edges of screen pixilated images read more easily and interfering blue light is reduced -- ultimately your eyes are less fatigued.

diAMIX lens material
No existing lens material had all the properties we needed. So we gave our lab techs the task of developing the lightest, most optically pure lens material possible. Beating out polycarbonate on the toughness scale and rivaling the undisputed optics of ground glass, diAMIX is the next generation of lens materials for those that demand the highest optical qualities.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
2Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses
By Mr Cole Phifer
I bought these glasses used and have been using them for about a week.

First of all they seem kind of small for me, i literally have to wear them so close to my eyes that my eyelashes touch the lens. People with big heads/wide faces BEWARE.
I hardly see the anti glare on these glasses since they reflect almost anything which can get annoying "best if used in a room with plenty of light". Now my monitor has this annoying blue light and it does make it less shinny and less annoying to my eyes but not enough.
they also have this small magnification much like reading glasses you find in stores, i am guessing this is what makes my eyes hurt.
Now using these glasses, everything looks good, give a sense of warm colors when using and when you take them off everything seems more brighter but the glasses reflect too much that they can strain eyes if there is not enough light within the room.
I have also used these glasses for playing game on my pc and ps3 and saw some changes in color but i just could wear them long enough. They started to strain my eyes and i was better off not wearing them.

After using gunnar optiks they tend to hurt my eyes and give me headaches after 30 minutes of us, but with time i seem to adjust but i still get frequent headaches. As for improvement on my eyes, minor. I still feel my eyes lightly burning. I am returning these glasses.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Favorite Nerd Gift of Christmas
By optik678
I got plenty of nerd gifts for Christmas including a Logitech G510 keyboard and these glasses are my favorite gift so far. I primarily do 3D modeling at work, so I'm constantly staring at the computer screen. With these glasses on, my eyes seems to be so much less tired throughout the day. AWESOME!

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
3Not bad, but not as good as I was hoping.
By Adrian L Allen
The lens tint seems to make the biggest difference. You do notice improved contrast. Obviously if you're doing graphic design or something where color balance is important, you can't use these as they definitely make everything look yellowish.

You can't wear them outdoors or for looking at stuff more than a yard or so away, as there is a VERY slight magnification effect that makes distant objects look blurry (I had thought I could use them as shooting glasses as well but that's out of the question due to the above). It's not *bad*, but if you take them off while looking at, say, a road sign, you'll notice it's clearer without them. Again, to be completely clear, this is an effect that you'll notice when looking at objects outside of perhaps five feet or so.

As far as general use, they're pretty good for improving contrast while using a computer. They are very lightweight and pretty comfortable. However, I would say the glare reduction is basically nonexistent. I notice more glare with them than without them - the most irritating thing is that in an environment with high ambient light, you'll actually see your own eyes reflected on the interior surface of the lenses which is pretty distracting until you get used to it. It seems like a polarizing filter would eliminate this, but then that might not work with some LCD screens, obviously.

I can't really recommend them, unfortunately, as they just don't really work all that well. I'm about 1.5 weeks into my 30 day trial and I'll probably return them. I haven't really noticed a reduction in eyestrain, dryness, or anything like that. Sometimes it seems better, but if so, the effect is slight.

That said, I have really, really sensitive eyes that are dry and irritated all the time anyway, so I'm probably the person least likely to get good results from something like these glasses.

Since they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, you might as well check them out and see if they work for you - maybe you'll get better results than me.

My usage scenario: Now, it's possible they might work better in a different environment. If I were a gamer looking for something to improve visual acuity for late-night fragfests maybe I'd like them better, but I got these to try to cut glare from the ridiculously bright overhead fluorescent lights at my office - I'm a linux sysadmin so I basically spend all day staring at PuTTY windows, and I tend to be in front of the computer 9-12 hours per day not including at home. So at this point, I've worn them for about 50-70 hours at work, which I think is a reasonable time period to see some results.

On the bright side, people seem to think they're cool looking.


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