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30 Delicious Icebox Cookie Recipes

30 Delicious Icebox Cookie Recipes

30 Delicious Icebox Cookie Recipes

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Make tasty, mouth-watering icebox cookies that you can either bake right away or store in your freezer for your next cookie craving. Best-selling author Lori Burke brings you 30 icebox cookie recipes that are fun to make and delicious to eat. If you love yummy, home-baked cookies then this is the book for you.
Here's a sampling of just a few of the recipes in this book:

      Almond Delight Icebox Cookies

      Brown Shugah Icebox Cookies

      Butterscotch Icebox Cookies

      Cherry Pistachio Icebox Cookies

      Chocolate Chip Macadamia Icebox Cookies

      Chocolate Chip Pecan Icebox Cookies

      Cinnamon Sugar Icebox Cookies

      Coconut Macadamia Icebox Cookies

      Cousin Connie's Cranberry Icebox Cookies

      Granny's Stryk's Icebox Cookies

      Lemon Coconut Icebox Cookies

      Lemon Cranberry Icebox Cookies

      Lemon Pecan Icebox Cookies

      Oatmeal Coconut Icebox Cookies

      Oatmeal Crispies Icebox Cookies

      Peanut Butter Icebox Cookies

      Rum Chocolate Icebox Cookies

      Tootie Fruity Icebox Cookies

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Editorial Reviews

Amazon Best Seller - Cookies
Amazon Best Seller - Desserts

This is a great book with wonderful recipes. Another winner for Lori!" - Marg Ruttan

"This book is as idiot-proof as it gets."  - adc"

I have been a fan of the author since I picked up her icebox cake cook...amazing!"  - Bryan J Bowers

"One of the things I really like about it is that Lori not only tells you how to properly chill and freeze icebox cookies, she tells you WHY you need to do it that way."  - Geoff Wells

I was so happy to see another book from Lori Burke and snatched it up immediately!"  - Mindy Lee

From the Author
I learned how to bake traditional cookies from my Polish Grandmother, Busha Masur, and my Italian Grandmother, Nonna Moretti.  When I got older and started my own family I didn't have the time to bake the traditional rolled dough cookies of my childhood.  

I was so happy when I discovered icebox cookies!   I could spend some time with my daughter on the weekend preparing and freezing logs of cookie dough that my family could easily slice and bake for weeks to come.  So when I bake cookies now I feel like I'm following in the tradition of my Grandmothers while making a new tradition with my daughter.   Baking together really is a wonderful way to make some happy family memories :)


About the Author
Hi! I'm Lori Burke, the Best-Selling author and editor of 30 Delicious Refrigerator Cakes.  I have been an avid baker and cook my entire life. I learned to cook from my Polish Dad and Italian Mom. We had some very interesting meals in our home :) I married my college sweetheart and we have two beautiful children. I'm a regular person who juggles work and family. I LOVE to bake but just don't have time to make time-consuming cakes and cookies.

In my new book, 30 Delicious Icebox Cookie Recipes, I share my favorite slice and bake icebox cookie recipes that I have compiled over the past several years. 

My husband and kids love these tasty cookies. I finally decided to put them all in a book. I really hope you like them :)

Lori Burke

Customer Reviews

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5Another great book in the author's dessert cookbooks!
By Bryan J. Bowers
I have been a fan of the author since I picked up her icebox cake cook...amazing! This book is no different and has some great recipes. My favorites are the cherry cookies, and the lemon cranberry ones. My wife loves the black and tan cookies as they remind her of childhood back in New Jersey. What I also appreciate is advice on which cookie dough's work well in the freezer and which ones won't work. Saves me a lot of hassle so I don't have to learn through the school of hard knocks.

Pickup this book today if you love cookies.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5What Great Cookie Recipes
By Marg Ruttan
When I was a kid my Mom made tons of icebox cookies...and she didn't have a refrigerator! She would make them in the late fall through to early spring when she could cool the dough in our dairy (the place where milk got separated and food got stored). Once chilled, she'd bring the dough into the kitchen, slice it up and bake yummy cookies.

My favorite was Cherry Icebox Cookies and she made me lots of them, especially around Christmas time. When I grew up and began cooking myself, I often made Icebox Cookies of one sort or another. They are easy to make, bake and freeze well and are really delicious. I had never heard of either the Cinnamon Sugar or Lemon Pecan recipes before but they both appeal to me and I'll definitely be trying them in the next few days. I love to bake so it will be fun to try these two new recipes and my husband will love having the cookies around.

This is a great book with wonderful recipes. Another winner for Lori!

Marg Ruttan
International Best Selling Cookbook Author

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
By adc
Although I've been baking for years I've never made icebox cookies and had no idea how to go about it. This book is as idiot-proof as it gets. Not only does the author explain exactly how to mix up the dough but she also gives exact instructions on what to do if you're going to make the cookies straightaway and what to do if you plan to freeze the dough. (Unless you follow the correct freezing procedure the dough will be spoilt). The chewy butterscotch cookies were a huge success and I'll definitely be making them again. Mmm...!


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