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Get Noticed & Get Hired: Action Steps, Strategies And Resources To Become Empowered & Employed By Steve Matter

Get Noticed & Get Hired: Action Steps, Strategies and Resources to Become Empowered & Employed

Get Noticed & Get Hired: Action Steps, Strategies And Resources To Become Empowered & Employed By Steve Matter

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Product Description

Is your resume failing to get you interviews? You need to stand out on paper and in person in order to Get Noticed and Get Hired.

Going through a period of unemployment can be one of life's most stressful situations. In many cases it seems to trigger a domino effect of pressures and strains ranging from emotional to financial to relational. Television and news reports are filled with stories about people who have sent out hundreds of resumes without getting a single interview. Many who have made it to the interview stage are shocked not to be selected even though they had the right experience and skill sets necessary for the position.

In Get Noticed & Get Hired, veteran corporate executive Steve Matter delivers an entire workbook for directing you from job loss to becoming empowered and employed.

This book is filled with action steps, resources and strategies to help you focus and prepare for your journey back into the workplace. Take action and follow a path to:
- Get through the emotional upheaval
- Build your support team
- Network effectively
- Prepare a magnetic resume that attracts employers to you
- Be self-assured, positive and prepared for your interview
- Learn the different personality styles of managers
- Set the stage to become a Most Valuable Employee™
- Decide if you should go in to business for yourself or return as an employee
- Rebuild your confidence, attitude and belief in yourself
- Stand out on paper and in person

Read it, apply it and start on the path back to the workforce.

"For anyone seeking to 'Get Noticed & Get Hired' here's your plan of action!" - Jack Shuler, Director of Human Resources, Retired, The Boeing Co.

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About the Author
When it comes to understanding the entire process of hiring employees to job termination, Steve Matter has more than thirty years of experience. For most of Steve's career, he has been in senior management positions at Fortune 500 companies. Those who have worked with Steve consistently praise his ingenuity and site many examples of how he sets himself apart as a Most Valuable Employee. Steve's innovative methods empowered his employees and his divisions to meet or exceed even the highest of standards, benchmarks and quotas. Then one day his position was eliminated after 21 years with a proven track record of success. His world was turned upside down. Imagine what it must have been like to be summarily dismissed without regard for his years of achievement and dedication. In this book, Steve will guide you through the logic, emotions, strategies, tactics and tools he had to deploy in order to find a spectacular new job where he is appreciated and empowered to build the success of his department and elevate the other divisions within his company. The lessons you will learn from Steve's journey will give you priceless insights on how YOU can get into alignment with and actually get the kind of job or career you really want next. This book will help you to speed and ease YOUR journey and help you get measureable results that lead to a happier and more fulfilling life and career. Steve and his family currently reside in Southern California. Steve is currently a Senior Vice President with a major financial services brokerage firm. Through his writing, speeches, television and radio interviews, Steve is a driving force dedicated to putting you and all of America back to work in more fulfilling and enriching ways.

Customer Reviews

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5A must have if you're in, or entering the job force
By Todd Handel
You definitely need this book if you're about to enter the job force, or think you need to look at your options for the future. This book gives all the bits and pieces that you'll need to find success and to be taken seriously.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5Great advice for achieving the goal to win an interview.
By D. Wile
Having completed many interviews in my career and struggled through the filtering of resumes to find the applicant that was worthy of an interview, I found this book to be a valuable guide for applying for any job. If followed by the applicants, it would have made my task much easier.

It contains excellent suggestions for creating a resume, like how to keep it to one page and how to draft a summary directed toward the job you are seeking. It is a fast read and to the point with good action lists. It is written in a crisp non-wordy format that sets the standard for all applicants to follow in their pursuit of their next job.

I highly recommend this book for all those out of work struggling to achieve that important face-to-face interview. Follow the authors advice and successful employment will be a very real outcome.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent book on preparing your resume for success
By Jo Louise
This book totally revised my idea of what an effective resume should look like. Brilliant tips of preparing for interviews so that you are the best candidate for the job.



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