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One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value By Marc Effron & Miriam Ort

One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value

One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value
By Marc Effron, Miriam Ort

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Product Description

A Revolutionary Approach to Talent Management

You know that winning in today's marketplace requires top quality talent. You also know what it takes to build that talent—and you spend significant financial and human resources to make it happen. Yet somehow, your company's beautifully designed and well-benchmarked processes don't translate into the bottom-line talent depth you need. Why?

Talent management experts Marc Effron and Miriam Ort argue that companies unwittingly add layers of complexity to their talent building models—without evaluating whether those components add any value to the overall process. Consequently, simple processes like setting employee performance goals become multi-page, headache-inducing time-wasters that turn managers off to the whole process and fail to improve results.

In this revolutionary book, Effron and Ort introduce One Page Talent Management (OPTM): a powerfully simple approach that significantly accelerates a company's ability to develop better leaders faster. The authors outline a straightforward, easy-to-use process for designing results-oriented OPTM processes: base every process on proven scientific research; eliminate complexity by including only those components that add real value to the process; and build transparency and accountability into every practice.

Based on extensive research and the authors' hands-on corporate and consulting experience with companies including Avon Products, Bank of America, and Philips, One Page Talent Management shows how to:

• Quickly identify high potential talent without complex assessments
• Increase the number of "ready now" successors for key roles
• Generate 360 feedback that accelerates change in the most critical behaviors
• Significantly reduce the time required for managers to implement talent processes
• Enforce accountability for growing talent through corporate culture, compensation, etc.

A radical new approach to growing talent, One Page Talent Management trades complexity and bureaucracy for simplicity and a relentless focus on adding value to create the high-quality talent you need—right now.

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Editorial Reviews


"Of the new business books that came out in 2010, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest." - HR Professional

From the Back Cover
"Twenty years of adding bells and whistles to talent management have left many businesses with bloated processes that promise much yet deliver little.  Effron and Ort set forth a simple yet powerful approach to drive results."

- Kevin Cox, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, American Express

"Research shows that effective talent management systems can help to create substantial shareholder wealth, yet designing and implementing them is a significant managerial challenge.  This book delivers a research-based and practical approach."
- Mark Huselid, Professor HR Strategy, Rutgers University, and coauthor of The HR Scorecard, The Workforce Scorecard, and The Differentiated Workforce

"The OPTM processes wil surely bring a smile to the face of the CEO who is asked about the role of HR in maximizing people potential.  A must-read."
- P. V. Ramana Murthy, Vice President, Coca-Cola (India)

"In today's global economic environment, high-impact, game-changing talent practices are critical.  One Page Talent Management hits the mark with a practical, targeted road map.  This stuff works, and you will use it!"
- Mary Eckenrod, Vice President, Global Talent Management, RIM, and former Board Chair, Human Resource Planning Society

"The most practical and powerful book I have seen about talent management in the last ten years.  I highly recommend it to any business leader or HR professional looking to really grow great talent and high-performing organizations today."
- Kevin D. Wilde, Vice President, Organization Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer, General Mills, Inc.

"Most companies have complex, ineffective talent management processes that are a lot of work and of little value.  One Page Talent Management will show you how to build talent faster and better than your competitors."
- Jim Shanley, Leadership Development Executive, Bank of America (retired)

"Effron and Ort provide a clear road map -- simplicity, accountability, and transparency -- to building the level of leadership that makes a company truly great."
- Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author of Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

"The most practical and useful book in this field! It provides straightforward, proven approaches that actually work in the real world."
- Marshall Goldsmith, bestselling author of Mojo and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

About the Author
Marc Effron helps companies build better talent, faster.

As President of The Talent Strategy Group, Marc helps some of the world's largest and most successful companies improve the quality and depth of their talent.  His consulting work focuses on creating clear talent strategies and on detailed talent management process design, all using the One Page Talent Management approach emphasizing Simplicity, Accountability and Transparency.  With both consulting and corporate talent management experience, Marc brings a highly practical, broadly informed perspective to his client work.

Marc has coauthored two other books and numerous chapters in talent and leadership books.  He is a sought after speaker and is frequently quoted in the business press.  Marc founded the New Talent Management Network, which is now the world's largest network of talent management professionals.

Miriam Ort is Senior Manager, Human Resources for PepsiCo, and has authored articles in leading business publications.

Customer Reviews

A comprehensive analysis of "the most powerful, repeatable processes that create successful talent"5

The claim by Marc Effron and Miriam Ort that they offer "the most powerful" processes that create successful talent is, at best, debatable. However, they do recommend a three-step process by which to increase value while reducing complexity of talent practices by integrating behavioral science, simplicity, accountability, and transparency within those practices. This process is eminently sensible but, of course, its effectiveness depends almost entirely on how well it is planned, executed, and then sustained by those who adopt it. Effron and Ort duly note, "Because talent practices work only if they are implemented, ensuring successful implementation must be a primary goal."

Most change initiatives fail, many if them the result of cultural barriers that James O'Toole so aptly characterizes as "the ideology of comfort and the tyranny of custom." Changing talent practices is certain to create resistance. Effron and Ort identify four talent-building barriers: (1) reluctance to eliminate needless complexity, (2) inability to create value, (3) unwillingness to stay current with cutting-edge research, and (4) reluctance to be transparent and accountable. The material provided is based on four assumptions with which I wholly agree: the available and relevant science works, only effective implementation matters, managers want to succeed, and finally, transparency and accountability guarantee results. OPTM can generate verifiable evidence to support these assumptions and thereby eliminate the aforementioned barriers.

With regard to the significance of "one page," Effron and Ort realize that the key form or process for every talent practice can be reduced to only a single page. However, as we all know, most electronic or print documentation about almost anything in business can be substantially reduced. For example, check out "American Express: A One Page Response to Challenging Times" (Page 19). Throughout their narrative, the co-authors make skillful use if several reader-friendly devices. Here is a representative selection of various Tables and Figures:

Table 1-1, Example of Transparent Action (Page 21)
Table 1-2, Examples of Accountable Actions (Page 23)
Figure 2-1, OPTM Performance Management Template (Page 47)
Figure 3-1, Example of OPTM 360º Assessment (Page 65)
Figure 3-2, Example of OPTM 360º Report (Page 72)
Figure 5-1, Example of OPTM Engagement Survey Report (Page 124)

It is important to keep in mind that Effron and Ort are sharing their own experiences with OPTM and base their observations and recommendations on real-world situations. Their insights are empirical rather than hypothetical or theoretical. The process is a framework within which each reader must formulate what is most appropriate to her or his own organization's needs, interests, resources, limitations, and strategic objectives. Moreover, I presume to add that an OPTM program will always be a "work in progress," sustainable to be sure but dynamic, responsive to change, and subject to frequent and rigorous evaluation.

At GE, the CEO selects his successor and Reginald Jones selected Jack Welch in 1981. His only advice: "Blow it up." The elegant and patrician Jones correctly realized that the company had become complacent and needed someone like Welch (scrappy, profane, volatile, confrontational) to lead it next. Welch became known as "Neutron Jack" as he sold off under-performing companies and eliminated under-performing executives. Attracting and retaining peak performers was one of his highest priorities. He devoted at least 20% of his time to mentoring and coaching high-potentials in middle management. I mention all this by way of suggesting that a methodology such as OPTM, if established and maintained properly, will accomplish two immensely important business objectives: it will attract high-potential candidates and then develop them and their associates to become high-impact workers at all levels and in all areas.

Here are two quotations that, I think, provide an appropriate conclusion to this review. First, from Peter Drucker: "There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all." Hence the importance of focusing on what is most important. Now this observation from Albert Einstein: "Make it as simple as possible...but no simpler." Obviously, Marc Effron and Miriam Ort agree.

Finally, a book with practical suggestions that decrease complexity!5
Excellent book. The authors make a good case for eliminating the complexity that pervades our profession, and provide detailed examples of how to actually implement change to provide real value to the business. I think if we took the advice in this book, we would no longer see "Why We Hate HR" kind of articles

A few things I specifically liked:
-provides empirical research on each topic
-highly practical approach
-can also be used as a "101" to talent management

Does not address some areas of talent management (ie, recruiting)

Overall, both a good overview of the key areas of talent management, as well a call to change that, if heeded, will significantly increase the credibility of HR

Wow finally a WorkForce Talent management book that makes sense5
After 18 years in the Workforce solutions field I have finally found a book on Talent management that made sense. One page is a refreshing departure from the same old. This book is filled with great ideas that I have been able to utilize right away in my business practices. Must buy if you are looking for immediate ideas and solutions to your companies workforce solutions

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