Sunday, July 24, 2011

Business Success Means Leadership

Often I work with professionals, or with entrepreneurs who want coaching to make more sales, or to work more efficiently, but they aren't interested in the principles of effective leadership.

What they don't realize is that success in any area requires the cooperation and participation of other people. Small businesses need customers. Network organizations require teamwork, training and motivation. Professionals depend on the trust and confidence of their clients.

Success is always about leadership!

John Maxwell has written extensively about the techniques of effective leadership. Three of the most important are:

1.  Competence.  Successful leaders know their jobs and they are very, very skilled. Professionals are often insulted to be told they must get better at what they do but the truth is that unless you have all the clients you can handle, are earning all you want, and only working when you choose to, there are additional skills to master. Leadership is about unusual competence.

2.  Credibility.  Successful leaders earn our trust. Every business decision is, in some measure, about trust. It's obvious that we must trust our doctors, our lawyers and the people who teach our children. But we also trust (or don't trust) the people we do business with every day.

3.  Congruence.  Leaders "walk their talk," there is a consistency to who they are, what they do, and how they treat people. They don't hide behind a professional mask, or have one set of values at work, and another in their personal lives. Leaders are consistent and transparent.

To grow your business, think about your leadership skills. If you lead, your customers, suppliers, employees and colleagues will follow. Learn (or get coaching) to be a great leader!

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