Thursday, September 15, 2011

The 10 Reasons People Seek To Simplify

Intro: Why Simplify?

One of my main interests right now is how I can simplify my life. I wanted to get off the merry-go-round of too many activities and demands on my time and energy, but I didn't know how. The U.S. culture is very good at encouraging us to stay on the ride; consume, buy, keep up are the messages that are thrown at us day in and day out. I wanted to have time to relax, to do my hobbies, to enjoy my life.

It turns out I'm not alone. The library turned up dozens of books on simplicity, and The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life (aff) is the latest one that I have read. The book lays forth 10 reasons why people want to simplify:

10 Reasons People Simplify

1. Time

People want more time. We work more than even one generation ago, with longer hours and less time off. We bring work home with us, and we try to sandwich our personal lives in the cracks. This pace takes a toll when it goes on long enough. Simplicity is about having time to do what you want with whom you want.

2. Freedom

Some people realize that their lives are being controlled by others. We respond to bosses or customers or some other group of people that we don't want to obey. Simplicity is about being deliberate in who we choose to direct us.

3. Purpose

Often people having some sort of crisis will look at their lives and decide it is time for a change. Perhaps a brush with death may leave someone realizing that making widgets is not what they want to be remembered for. Simplicity is about doing things in line with our purposes in life.

4. Identity

Some people want to be who they truly are. Tired of putting on a face for the world, they want to be authentic and true to their inner selves and beliefs. Simplicity is about getting rid of the complication of these masks.

5. Environment

It's no secret that we are damaging the earth. Many people want to lessen their impacts, and simplification is one of the great ways to get there. When you live a simpler life, you consume less, and have less of an impact on the planet, even if it is just the amount of trash you generate.

6. Clutter and Consumption

Part of our consumer culture is that we accumulate masses of stuff that we don't need. Advertising agencies are expert and figuring out how to convince us to buy stuff that promises to make our lives different, but end up collecting dust. Some people have so much stuff they are being stifled. Simplifying allows you to clean house, literally, and get out from under.

7. Money

Most of the U.S. is in debt. In order to get out, you have to spend less than you make, and put the extra toward those debts. Living on less is often a precursor for simplifying.

8. Mental health

When life gets crazy enough, it can affect the sanest of us. Simplifying is one way to get out of the insanity of overconsumption.

9. Health

When our health is affected by our over-processed lifestyle, simplification can help restore us. Our over-processed diets lead to all sorts of ills, and going back to real food can make a real difference in good health.

10. Fulfillment

Simplicity is about living life deliberately. When you think about what you are doing, and really understand the consequences and benefits of your actions, you will lead a life that is more satisfying.

Next Steps

If any of these reasons sound like things you want, you might want to consider simplifying your life. This means different things to different people. When I first started the process, I expected I would be living on a farm in the middle of the country, raising livestock and living on my own schedule. What has changed for me has been much less drastic: I work less hours, have less outside activities, and make time for real food and real people. I'm still simplifying, but you can see that I haven't become a hermit in my quest.

Thanks to L. J. Earnest / Simple Productivity Blog


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