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About ASTD:-

ASTD was founded in 1944. The organization began in New Orleans during a training committee meeting of the American Petroleum Institute in 1942. The following year, a group of 15 "training men" met for the first board meeting of the American Society of Training Directors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

They became the governing body of the association, which convened ASTD's membership in Chicago in 1945. Other local, regional, and industry-specific training groups gradually aligned with ASTD. At the 1946 convention, ASTD adopted a constitution with the goals of: raising awareness on the standards and prestige of the industrial training profession and furthering the professional's education and development.

ASTD retained these points as their official mission, even as the profession evolved and the business world changed. In 1964, the association changed its name to the American Society for Training & Development. ASTD eventually widened its focus to connect learning and performance with business results. In 2000, the organization chose to refer to itself just by the letters ASTD, to underscore that it wanted to broaden its scope as a professional organization. It adopted the tagline, "create a world that works better."

ASTD conducts several research projects each year on the workplace and investment in learning.

by Sarah Wakefield
by Lisa Downs
by Dennis Kinlaw
by William J. Rothwell
by Elaine Biech
by Anne Coyle
by Elaine Biech
by William J. Rothwell
by Willam J. Rothwell
by George M. Piskurich
by Susan Russell
by Roberta Westwood
by Madelyn Callahan
by Elisabeth Rossen

Sales Coaching (Infoline ASTD) Sales Coaching (Infoline ASTD)
by John Wills
by ASTD Editors
by Ruth Stadius
by Peggy Simonsen
by Susan Barksdale
by James W. Cortada
by Ruth Stadius
by Stella Louise Cowan
by Editor
by E.Biech
by Angela Seigfried
by Christie Atwood
by Allison Rossett
by Christee Atwood
by Michael Kroth
by Peter Block
by Lynn Lewis
by Renie McClay
996 Results For "ASTD" In Books

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