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Hip And Sage: Staying Smart, Cool And Competitive In The Workplace By Lisa Haneberg

Hip and Sage: Staying Smart, Cool and Competitive in the Workplace

Hip and Sage: Staying Smart, Cool and Competitive in the Workplace
By Lisa Haneberg

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Texting, blogging and twittering may be second nature to Gen-Xers and Millennials, but Boomers and Traditionalists can also learn how to exploit the technologies that are fundamentally changing the way business gets done and learn new ways to reach across the generations to connect with business partners, clients, peers and employees. Written for seasoned professionals ready to master these new strategies and communication tools, this witty and immensely practical career guide shows what it takes to stay relevant in the ever changing technology-driven workplace, contribute wisdom and experience to the business and develop the next generation of productive employees and leaders.Self-described "red caboose Baby Boomer" Lisa Hanenberg shows how to creat multi-generational success at work by embracing change, being open to learning from younger, techno-savvy coworkers and putting into everyday practice the 3 C's of hipness: communicating, connecting and collaborating. With a primer on the generations, a glossary of "hip" and an introduction to New Technologies 101, Hip & Sage delivers the tools today's sages need to be heard, be seen and go viral as they craft an essential business legacy and a foundation for future success.

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Editorial Reviews

Hip and Sage is a must-have book for mature professionals who want to remain relevant and leave a legacy. Lisa's wit and wisdom are in full force as she offers examples and strategies to help us be hip and sage. (Hip and Sage is a must-have book for mature professionals who want to remain relevant and leave a legacy. Lisa's wit and wisd )

Great Leadership blog I've known Lisa through her Management Craft blog as a regular contributor to the Leadership Carnival, and she sent me a copy a few weeks ago. I picked it up one early Sunday morning and never put it down until I finished. (Great Leader )

The Future of Virtual Team Work and Collaboration, blog Hip & Sage isn't just a philosophical text on the need for the generations to learn from one another. It's also very practical with lists, worksheets, web resources, reflective questions, and examples to guide the way. (The Future of )

Alexandra Levit's Water Cooler Wisdom, blog If you're a more seasoned professional or you work with one, this gem of a book makes for witty and insightful evening reading. (Alexandra Levit )

About the Author
Lisa Haneberg is an expert in the areas of management, leadership, and personal and organizational success. She consults in the areas of organization development, management and leadership training, and human resources. She has written nine business books and offers integrated training solutions and individual and group coaching services. She is an enthusiastic, fun presenter and speaker available to address a variety of leadership and management topics.

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5Baby Boomer, meet technology
By Walter H. Bock
In the early days of the Digital Age, a very successful friend dropped by my office to learn the basics of email. She's one of the smartest and most successful women I know, but she didn't know some things about technology that she thought would help her. Rather than fret about it, she went looking for help.

If you're a Baby Boomer, especially an older one, you may feel like my friend did then. There are blogs and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and MySpace. There are abbreviations like RSS and VOIP. There's a long list of things that younger people who work with you relate to the way a fish relates to water, but that you don't understand.

You can find a friend who's a bit more savvy and get help learning about new technology. Or you can buy a copy of Hip and Sage and spend time with it. Better yet, you can do both.

Before we go on, here are two things. If you're not a Baby Boomer, don't read any farther. You probably don't need this book. But if you are a Baby Boomer and the new technologies, especially social media leave you frustrated or puzzled or feeling ignorant and out of it, this is the book for you.

Lisa Haneberg is one of the best writers going at explaining helpfully things that many people imagine are just slightly beyond their grasp. How about focusing your efforts? Then her Focus Like a Laser Beam is a great choice. Need a breakthrough in your life? What could be more helpful than a book titled Two Weeks to a Breakthrough?

And what if you are a Boomer who's wondering what social media are and whether you should put in the effort to climb the learning curve? Then Hip and Sage is for you.

Actually, the book should have been titled Sage and Hip because that's the order that Lisa tackles the issues. The Sage part is about processing what you've learned over the decades to help you understand what you have to share.

And the Hip part? That's about how to share it, using all manner of new technology. It's not about how you can be the person everyone half your age wants to be like. You don't need that anyway.

But it might help you to know what a blog is and how to use one in your business. And it might help you to know how you can use an RSS feed to get lots of helpful information presented to you in one place. And what about Wikis and VOIP and MP3?

This book will give you a short introduction to all these things, but it will do more. It will help you define success for yourself and figure out what part these new tools can play in helping you achieve it.

The biggest benefit is that you'll come away knowing enough about new technology to recognize some key terms and become more confident about what you're passing up and what you want to investigate.

Bottom line: if you're a Boomer and puzzled about how new technology might fit into your life and your business, Hip and Sage is the book you've been waiting for.

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5Advance Your Career and Life
By Michael Lee Stallard
Lisa Haneberg is a wise and knowledgeable integrator of career advice. In her latest book entitled "Hip & Sage: Staying Smart, Cool and Competitive in the Workplace," Ms. Haneberg presents material that promises to make readers more aware of the "hip" communication mindset and empowering technologies while also developing the reader's "sageness," which can loosely be translated as developing self knowledge from experience and reflection. It's a clever combination that Lisa pulls off in an enjoyable-to-read book filled with insight and actionable ideas. In addition to the book's pleasing visual design, Ms. Haneberg's clear writing style and sense of humor make it a pleasure to read.

Another way to think of Ms. Haneberg's book is that it's a checklist or tune up for your career and life. The content in "Hip & Sage" delivers. Although it's not likely that you will need to hear everything Ms. Haneberg covers, it's impossible to read "Hip & Sage" and not come away with some good actions that you can immediately implement to accelerate your learning, growth and development in the professional or personal realms of your life.

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5Business libraries will find this outstanding
By Midwest Book Review
HIP & SAGE: STAYING SMART, COOL AND COMPETITIVE IN THE WORKPLACE is for any career library and offers keys to using the new technologies that are changing how business gets done. Professionals seeking to learn these new strategies will receive keys to the knowledge younger workers have, and how to place new practices into the goals of communicating, connecting and collaborating. Business libraries will find this outstanding.



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