Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Do Workers Underperform?

There are 11 or more reasons why workers underperform. Employers should analyze the reasons why their workers underperform, before they diagnose an action plan to resolve the underperformance. Best practices suggestion for an inspirational meeting with each underperformer, to recommend special training or coaching programs to enhance performance level. In some cases it is the employer who contributes to the employee's underperformance.

Eleven of some of the reasons why employees' underperform in the workplace-:

1. Lack of competency, unfair practices, favoritism towards or preferential treatments of other coworkers.

2. Conflicts in home life, or other personal problems, for example separation, divorce, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression etc.

3. Employee burnout, no longer finds work interesting or challenging.

4. Quality of life choice, lack of desire to contribute more energy or time to their careers.

5. Fear of failure when trying a new process or reaching for career progress.

6. Failure to keep up in their field; being less in demand.

7. Struggling because of poor time management or other inefficiencies.

8. Externally driven reasons such as loss of a recent client or down turn in their business sector.

9. Lack of knowledge about what they should be doing to succeed.

10. Being poorly managed, workplace conflicts, exploitation, and other forms of workplace harassment or landmines.

11. Insecurity due to the company's merger discussions, and being withdrawn in their shells, pending resolution of the company's issues.

It's the employers responsibilities to provide assistance to resolve workplace underperformance and meet those identified needs, before they can inspire their employees to enhance their performances. 

Thanks to Jacqueline M. Walters / Talent Mgt / Talent Management Magazine

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Ajay Tanwar said...

Very true..Thanks for sharing with ....Now it would be very helpful if any of the group members can share counter measures or corrective actions / suggestions to eliminate the reasons behind under performance..Best Regards
Ajay Tanwar