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HR From The Heart: Inspiring Stories And Strategies For Building The People Side Of Great Business By Libby Sartain, Martha I. Finney

HR from the Heart: Inspiring Stories and Strategies for Building the People Side of Great Business

HR From The Heart: Inspiring Stories And Strategies For Building The People Side Of Great Business By Libby Sartain, Martha I. Finney

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"Human resources professionals are entrusted, perhaps more than any other corporate designates, with the well-being of their organization's population. They bridge the gaps between the individual and the collective, the person and the purpose. The most successful and effective HR professionals see their careers as a calling, and their work, though driven by corporate goals, is graced by a sense of purpose, a profound generosity, and a love for what they do and the constituencies they serve. HR from the Heart is a book for HR practitioners who love their jobs -- or want to. Libby Sartain, one of the country's top human resources executives, reveals how HR professionals create a synergy between business objectives and the needs and wants of employees. This inspiring book is equal parts motivational message and how-to, confessional and career guide. Filled with stories from Sartain's considerable experience, HR from the Heart offers a first-hand perspective on forging relationships, selling HR to the company, taking diversity beyond "by the book," keeping policy in perspective, and more -- all while making the right career moves, staying engaged, and forwarding the strategic goals of the company."

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Editorial Reviews

"recommend you pick up a copy." -- Charlotte Area SHRM, Tim Taylor, SPHR, President

From the Inside Flap
Now more than ever, companies and their employees need HR professionals who are strategic, proactive, principled, savvy, flexible, and authentic. If those qualities describe you, you can create a career to be proud of -- one that reflects your highest values, that respects the vast potential that HR can offer, and that demands (and rewards) your very best.

HR from the Heart reveals how you can drive a world-class HR function in your company—using both your head and your heart—while building a dynamic and successful career for yourself. Author Libby Sartain has more than 25 years of HR experience at companies known almost as much for being great places to work as for their products and services, and is recognized worldwide for representing the best that HR can offer. Her book is filled with inspiring and instructive stories from her experiences at legendary companies like Southwest Airlines, Yahoo!, and others where human resources is both a corporate profitability driver and a rewarding professional experience. Her invaluable insights demonstrate how to:

· Develop the six essential ingredients of every great HR career
· Get "a seat at the table" and use the opportunity to achieve corporate goals by promoting HR values
· Release your company from the tyranny of too many policies
· Cultivate powerful relationships
· Trust your own judgment and stand up to the so-called experts
· Evaluate tantalizing, but potentially misleading, job offers
· Brand and sell your department and its value to the organization
· Be a best employer for the right reasons, not for the PR
· Be a leader in your organization in good times and bad

In this unique and timely book, you'll find a healthy dose of motivation, as well as a wealth of real strategies for growing your HR career while building the people side of great business—from the heart.

Libby Sartain (Woodside, California) is Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief People Yahoo at Yahoo! Inc. She is responsible for leading Yahoo!'s global human resources efforts to attract, retain, and develop employees who strengthen the company culture and brand. Prior to joining Yahoo! in August 2001, Sartain was Vice President, People at Southwest Airlines, where she played a key role in developing an employment brand strategy and fostered the company's reputation as a leading employer of choice. Sartain is a former Chair of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and a fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources.

Martha I. Finney (Los Gatos, California) is a veteran business journalist, consultant, and speaker specializing in leadership, human resource management, and career management. She is the author of several books including, most recently, In the Face of Uncertainty: 25 Top Leaders Speak Out on Challenge, Change, and the Future of American Business. Her work has also been featured on CNN and National Public Radio.

From the Back Cover
Human Resources
HR from the Heart
Inspiring Stories and Strategies for Building the People Side of Great Business
Libby Sartain with Martha I. Finney

"HR from the Heart is in a class by itself. It is the first book I've seen on the topic that clearly spells out how HR managers can really add value to the organization. Libby's experience and insights are valuable not just for practicing HR managers but also for general managers who want to know how HR can help them leverage their people for competitive success."
—Professor Charles O'Reilly, Frank E. Buck Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

"This book touches not only the heart, but the mind and soul of the HR profession. It's full of ideas with impact, tools and tips for how to do HR, and wonderful stories. Readers will laugh and learn from one of the most respected HR leaders in the business. A superb book that will be a classic."
—Dave Ulrich, Professor, University of Michigan Business School and Director, Human Resource Executive Education Program. Author, Human Resource Champions

"The ultimate HR book for the 21st century. It's everything you wanted to know and are glad someone ELSE asked…and told the truth! Libby Sartain talks to us with wit, great examples, and tough love.
—Beverly Kaye, co-author, Love 'Em or Leave 'Em; author, Up Is Not the Only Way

"I predict that this book will become a primer for all students of HR—both in the classroom and in the workplace. It's the first book on human resources actually written by a human resources practitioner. Libby Sartain's humor, insights, real-world anecdotes, and unabashed love for our profession have created a must-read for us all."
—Coleman Peterson, Executive V.P., People Division, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

"Every HR professional, top management executive, and business student should read this book. Sartain models how the corporate HR executive of the future will look, act, and think, and gives the reader a roadmap on how to get there. An energizing and rejuvenating read."
—John Challenger, CEO, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

"Outstanding!!! A must read for ALL business leaders."
--Mary Cheddie, V.P. Human Resources, The Orvis Company , Inc.

Customer Reviews

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5HR Professionals Get No Respect
By John P Bernat
I write this on the day Rodney Dangerfield died. Fitting.

I've worked in the HR field for 25 years, and never once read a book that so correctly summarized the true purpose of HR work.

I've seen people enter this field because "they like people," or because they cannot get a church to appoint them as a minister, or because they don't like math. I've also seen many HR practitioners sink into a morass of self-absorption, cynicism, despair or xenophobia. How can a reasonable person spend their life's work "fighting with management" with no consciousness of that proposition's essential irony: if you are in HR, you ARE in management.

Dave Ulrich told us ten years ago that HR had to add value by delivering business results. OK, we get that part. Libby Sartain tells us practical, down-to-earth things we need to know to get those results, retain our self-respect, and experience the sheer joy of seeing our work result in wonderful customer service.

To see what Libby has accomplished, watch the cable series on airlines. Watch what the front-line Southwest Airlines people do habitually, casually: show compassion, empathy and humor to people whom you would swear were the last to deserve it. She correctly credits Herb Kelleher with creating a customer service company which happens to fly people around.

See the power of excellent HR brought to life. Read this book. We get the respect we deserve; Libby tells us how to earn it.

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4Relevant for Non-HR Executives too
By Desmond Chow
This book is relevant for non-HR executives as well. First, Ms. Libby Sartain shared critical decision making in her personal career development path (e.g. changing employers). Second, she didn¡¦t talk about HR in isolation. It was about HR in the big picture of business (e.g. how HR can create values for subjects that top management cares about).

There were experiences of Southwest Airlines, and Yahoo ! ¡K not consultants¡¦ high-sounding but unproven concepts. The book covered different HR-related situations; for example, emergency, performance review, firing people. There were sharing of HR-best practices, as well as interesting topics like internal brand promises.

Ms. Libby Sartain looks like the enlightened style HR professionals, not the bureaucratic type. This leads to more relaxing reading. She was outspoken, e.g. towards consultants, lawyers. Besides she is not the preacher type: she believes HR is important, but it is not the single driver of the company.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent and inspiring
By Book Queen
Libby and Martha have written an excellent book reflecting the learnings of many years of HR Experience. For those with lots of experience and a caring heart, you will reflect on your HR career and say "hey, that's what I've learned in 20 years." There are good ideas on how to be a strategic and caring leader that will help you be more successful.

For those newer to HR, the book will provide insights that may prevent you from making the same mistakes that us older folks have made. There are also insights on managing your HR career.I would also recommend the book to CEO and other high-level Execs that 1) want more from their HR department or 2) don't know what they want or what HR can be. The book is well written and inspirational. Thanks to the authors.


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