Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keeping Workers Happy 'Is Incredibly Important'

Although it seems obvious that a happy workforce is the key to success, a worrying number of organizations are neglecting to ensure that their staff are content and, as a result, this is hampering productivity, one expert has pointed out.

Ashley Ward, director at European Leaders, said the 'happiness index' of the people that work in an organization is "incredibly important".

He said this is not simply a matter of providing workers with freebies, but rather showing a vested interest in their everyday working lives, as well as addressing any issues they may rise.

"It is about inclusion and transparency and creating an environment in which people know what their individual success looks like, where people work in ways where they understand what the critical thing is that they have to get done to determine the success of the business," Mr. Ward added.

Recently, Bar Huberman, employment law editor at XpertHR, said the determining factor in the success of any staff member's career is their relationship with their line manager.

She explained that some managers are currently having problems changing their management style from micro-management to trusting and having confidence in their employee.

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