Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 Tips To Build Better Customer Relationships

You have no business if you have no customers, and customers arent customers until they make a purchase.  But long before that comes the establishment of the relationship.

Here are 7 tips to help you work towards improving your customer relationships today.

Remove the Risk
First time buyers are always a little cagey, so why not give them some relief from that fear and offer them a risk free guarantee on their purchase. Your ability to show that they have nothing to loose and maybe even something to gain….you know, like a special bonus (un-advertised) that they get to keep even if they ask for their money back or something along those lines. Creating an environment of trust and satisfaction is the first step to creating customer loyalty.

There's Nothing Wrong With Caring
Nothing makes a person feel more special that having that recognition factor….and it doesn't have to be anything complicated, a simple birthday card, holiday greetings, a gift on a special occasion. Treat your customers as you would your family, because that is really what they are, work on building relationships and asking what you can do for them to make their experience better.

Don't Expect…Nada..Zip..Zilcho!
This really follows on from caring about your customers. Investing some of your valuable time into giving to someone else will come back to you 10 fold over time. Whether it is advice to someone in your network or a little guidance for a potential customer, giving a bit of your time can be a great way to enhance your business image and brand recognition.

Always Address Their Needs
People want to know whats in it for them….Sure your new software may do 100 different things. But the reality is that potential customers don't care. All they want to know is specifically what need/problem of theirs it can fill. In other words, what is the BENEFIT to them? By keeping your focus on communicating the benefits of your products and services you will be much more likely to catch the attention of potential customers.

The Personal Touch
Being online doesn't give you the excuse not to get involved. Our interwebz have changed people and no longer is anonymity a good thing. With the impact of the social 2.0 wave comes the craving for a deeper connection, a face for the name, a human behind the website, and businesses that are showing their human side are positioned to be on the bleeding edge. Never underestimate how "know like and trust" form the comfort level for commitment to purchase.

Can You Do It For Them
People will always opt for the solution that does it for them over the one that shows them how to do it themselves. If your business is in an industry where you can offer a complete solution it would be a good idea to test whether this type of offer would be in demand. Sometimes just polling your potential customers for your business ideas is all it takes to tell whether it is something they would be willing to pay for.

What other suggestions do you have for improving your customer relationships, leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks to Jackie Purnell / Jackie Purnell - Respectfully Disobedient Progressive Wealth LLC

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