Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Downside To Improving Time Management And Productivity

Mastering time management and productivity can change your life, regardless of what sort of industry or company you work in. That's because once you find a way to control your schedule, get more done, and reach your biggest goals, the sky is the limit.

Although I strongly believe in this, I'd like to take a moment here to point out that there actually is one downside to improving your time management and productivity skills: that other people will start to expect more from you.

That may sound like the beginning of a joke, but believe it or not, it's a serious issue that you should keep an eye on. Why? Because your goal should be to improve your skill set and grow your career, not to become so valuable or overburdened in your current position that you are utterly irreplaceable.

In today's world, if employers find that you can do the work of two or three other people, then it probably won't be long before they will ask that of you.  That's a great thing if it means a promotion, higher pay, and more responsibilities. But it could just as easily turn into a situation where you are facing an ever-increasing work load and can't advance in your company because there simply isn't anyone else who could take over your responsibilities if you're promoted.

Does this mean you should abandon your efforts to learn more about time management? Absolutely not. What it does mean, however, is that it makes sense to re-evaluate the projects you're working on from time to time. Be sure they are in line with the goals you have set for yourself, and that your career is moving in the direction that you want it to – not just the one that is most convenient for your supervisor or coworkers.

There's a big difference between being someone who can be counted on and the person in the office that others tend to heap with projects.  As you become better at managing your time and productivity, make sure that you are developing into the former and not the latter.

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