Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Scary Statistics About Status Meetings

In a recent 2011 survey about status meetings, conducted by Harris Interactive of 2,373 information workers found:

  • 70 percent don't believe status meetings help them accomplish work tasks
  • Almost 40 percent feel that such meetings are a waste of time
  • Even though 55 percent spend one to three hours per week attending such meetings.

The survey defined a "status meeting" as one in which team members are updated on progress and completion of tasks. (Brainstorming, strategy and planning meetings were not included.)

The survey also found:

  • 67 percent spent between one to four hours per week just preparing for status meetings
  • 59 percent said that preparing for status meetings often took longer than the meeting itself.
  • 57 percent of those surveyed indicated they multitask during status meetings (so maybe there's more work getting done than one might think!?)

BOTTOMLINE: Finding that your status meetings are unproductive? Not surprising.  Perhaps what you need is a new perspective on what status meetings should be about.  With Six Disciplines Outlook Edition, we've introduced a streamlined approach to "status meetings" - which helps each individual manage their progress (on goals, plans, projects, initiatives) - easily, efficiently, and effectively.


Thanks to Skip Reardon / Six Disciplines, LLC.


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