Monday, October 17, 2011

5 People You Should Never Hire

With unemployment rates still near record levels, the job market is packed with employees of all types. With so many potential workers to choose from, there are a number of personality traits to steer clear of when hiring a new employee, according to employment experts.  Here are the top five personality types to avoid when making your next hire.
The Bragger — John West Hadley, Career Search Counselor

"You want to be careful about hiring the braggart or aggressive self-promoter," Hadley said. "Someone who is too full of him, or herself, is also toxic to a team. It's one thing to be quietly confident in what you bring to the table, and to express the results of your work naturally and in context.  It's entirely another to be aggressively pushy about those qualities and results."
The Complainer — Kenneth Sundheim, CEO of KAS Placement

"Complainers are very difficult to deal with," Sundheim said. "I tell my clients to stay away from them.  The best way to spot these individuals is that these are job seekers who will negotiate the smallest, most trivial aspects of their offer. Even if they are good, hard negotiation prior to coming on to a job, except from a C-level executive, shows that they are your typical complainer and fail to have empathy for the plight of a leader or manager." 
The Self-Absorbed — Richard Rossignol, CEO of RTR Consulting Inc.

People who think "it's all about them" tend to end up being toxic players," Rossignol said. "You need people that want to make the vision work and that requires team play." 
The Coaster – Sean Koppelman, president of The Talent Magnet

"This is an individual that has made it their life's practice to put forth minimal effort — with the expectation of maximum return," Koppelman said. "In school they were the ones who did no work on the group book report, but still got the 'A' because of the effort of others. These people will appear busy — shuffling papers, scrolling page after page online — but nothing is really happening. These personality types are toxic to a team environment and often breed resentment from those who are working hard. You can coach a lot of things, but laziness and lack of pride in the quality of work that is produced are inherent in someone's makeup."
The Negative Nellie — Pat Goodwin, Executive Coach and Career Transition Counselor

There are personalities who can see the glass half full, and those that see the glass half empty, but it is very difficult to work with people who are always shooting holes in the glass, Goodwin said. "These people are not ever satisfied and complain about any and everything. They are negative, narcissistic, selfish and want to have total control. These personalities wreak havoc on companies and employees. They drive negative behavior and can create a lack of production, and a lack of worthiness."
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