Thursday, October 20, 2011

Personal Accountability Is The Number 1 Office Pet Peeve

LinkedIn recently released the survey findings among 17,000 professionals worldwide about the top office pet peeves.

"People not taking ownership for their actions" (OK, we'll label this "personal accountability") has the distinction of hitting the number one spot in LinkedIn's global survey of most irritating office pet peeves.

2. Were the negative/complainers.

3. Leaving your lunch in the fridge or microwave long past expiration.

4. Snoozer meetings.

5. Those people who consistently seem to miss your email (you can only use the "it hit my Spam" excuse so many times).

In an interview with Forbes, Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's Connection Director said "Many just don't realize their behavior may be annoying, and it can be a career killer if you never correct it. Young employees may also take the feedback personally and overreact."

Thanks to Skip Reardon / Six Disciplines, LLC.


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