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Kansas Geology: An Introduction To Landscapes, Rocks, Minerals, And Fossils From University Press Of Kansas

Kansas Geology: An Introduction to Landscapes, Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils

Kansas Geology: An Introduction to Landscapes, Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils
From University Press of Kansas

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This is an interesting, readable introductory survey of Kansas geology. Illustrated with both full-color and black-and-white photographs, line drawings, maps, and figures, it is designed specifically to provide non-technical information for the general reader.

The introduction sketches Kansas geologic history; discusses how Kansas fits into the geology of the North American continent; explores the concepts of geologic time, labeling, and periods; and describes the natural forces of deposition and erosion. The section on landscapes introduces the geological and natural features of Kansas--those features that can be seen on the surface--by describing the characteristics of its eleven physiographic regions. The chapters on rocks and minerals describe what they are composed of, how they were formed, and where they are found. This section includes discussions of sedimentary rocks--limestones, sandstones, shales, chalk--as well as mineral fuels, minerals, and sedimentary structures. Another chapter reviews Kansas fossil history, describes common fossils and their locations, and explains why Kansas is world-famous among fossil collectors.

A special feature of this book is a guide to noteworthy geologic formations along I-70, which describes and explains selected landform features, outcrops, and historic areas. This section pinpoints exact spots along the Interstate, identified by mileposts, where the features described in the previous chapters can be observed. The book also includes a list of useful references and a glossary.

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About the Author
Rex Buchanan is assistant director for publications and public affairs at the Kansas Geological Survey and editor of Roadside Kansas: A Traveler's Guide to Its Geology and Landmarks.

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5Kansas Geology -- A useful travel companion
By Denis C. Hancock
A cursory reading of this book should lay to rest any lingering prejudice that Kansas is a flat, boring state.

The book is well organized, and and easy to read, with a minimum of scientific jargon, and where such jargon is needed, it is defined clearly.

The photographs are clear, and color is employed where appropriate.

Several authors contributed to this book, and it starts off with a general introduction to the geology and various land features of Kansas.

The next three chapters cover rocks, minerals, and fossils, respectively. Throughout these three chapters, history, natural history, and geology are interwoven in a particularly interesting narrative that left me with a greater understanding of why Kansas is the way it is, and how the geological history and modern times are related.

The final chapter consists of a mile by mile description of the geology of Interstate 70 as it passes through the state. The descriptions of the various sedimentary beds one sees in the road cuts were clear enough that we could see the formations as we cruised by at highway speeds. Driving back to Missouri from Colorado was an interesting trip back in time from the Quaternary through the Pennsylvanian periods.

My only criticism of this book is that there are other major routes through the state, and it would be nice to see a more southern route as well as north-south route descibed. But then, that would be more in the area of the "Roadside Geology of ______" series. This book is not really in the same category as the Roadside Geology series, but it is useful, nonetheless, and gives a far more complete view of the overall geology of the state.

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5The Varied Landscape of Kansas
By Elby R. Adamson
Buchanan and other writers he draws upon in this book provide readers with an appreciation for the geologic history of what is often regarded as a flat and featureless place. In addition his skillful interweaving of the current Kansas landscape with how it came to be, gives a context for not only understanding this plains state but an increased appreciation for its many interesting details. These range from the great salt and gypsum deposits to the gravel beds of the Ogallah aquifer,and the the incredible fossil finds in the Kansas chalk beds. He deals with the Gyp Hills, The Smoky Hills,The Flint Hills, The Ozark Plateau and the once glaciated area in such a way that a trip through these regions and indeed the entire state becomes a natural history lesson. This book should please Kansas "explorers" whether they be day travelers, fossil and mineral collectors, rock hounds or naturalists.


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