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Casey Anthony And Caylee Anthony What Really Happened? Crazy Conspiracy Theories From Around The World By Gene Cooper

Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony What Really Happened? Crazy Conspiracy Theories From Around The World

Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony What Really Happened? Crazy Conspiracy Theories From Around The World
By Gene Cooper

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Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony What Really Happened? Crazy Conspiracy Theories From Around The World is available on Kindle or you can download it to your computer with Amazon's FREE Kindle application for PC. The world has fallen in love with the shining spirit of a little girl from Orlando, Florida that died a tragic death. This girl's name is Caylee Marie Anthony. Caylee's mother, Casey Anthony, didn't report her child missing until 31 days after Caylee's disappearance; and only when she was forced to by Cindy Anthony (Casey's Mother and Caylee's Grandmother). Casey Anthony takes the police, her family and the entire world on a wild goose chase with even wilder stories! Casey states that Zanny The Nanny kidnapped Caylee and Casey had been searching for Caylee on her own. Come to find out, there is no Zanny The Nanny and Casey has been gaily partying since her daughter's disappearance!

As the truth comes to light about Casey's lifestyle, her lies and her manipulations; we are astonished, flabbergasted and captivated by this story. Follow me into this dark world as I offer crazy (and not so crazy) conspiracy theories about what really might have happened to Caylee Marie Anthony!

An Example:

Crazy Conspiracy Theory #1
The Alleged Suspect: Casey Anthony
The Method: Strangulation With Duct Tape

The Theory:
Casey hates everybody and everything. She hates her mom, Cindy, because she is so controlling and thinks Casey is a terrible mom. Casey worries that Cindy will push the issue and take Caylee away from her. Casey will never let that happen! Casey hates her dad, George, he's such a wimp and loves Caylee much more than he ever loved Casey. Casey hates her brother, Lee, he leers at her in such a creepy way all the time! Casey hates her boyfriend, Tony, he's such a loser and a cheater to boot! Casey hates her best friend, Amy, she's so ugly and is always flirting with Tony! But most of all, Casey hates Caylee, she's such a whiny, crying baby. She always needs so much; food, attention, clothes, toys, love and child care. Casey hates Caylee with all her heart! Caylee is such a crimp in Casey's party lifestyle! Everybody loves Caylee, nobody loves Casey. Casey is expected to hold a job, pay bills, get along with others and care for all of Caylee's needs. Nobody ever expects anything from Caylee! Everybody loves Caylee no matter what!

What's a girl to do? Casey hatches an evil plan. She's so cute and personable, she thinks no one would ever suspect her! Casey wants to kill everybody close to her. She wants to kill her mom, Cindy. She wants to kill her dad, George. She wants to kill Lee, her brother. She wants to kill Tony, her boyfriend. She wants to kill Amy, her best friend. But most of all, she wants to kill that snotty-nosed kid, Caylee, her bratty daughter! Omg! If her plan works, she will be sitting pretty. She will get the house, she will get the life insurance money, she will be free to live life on her terms with no more lies! She can start over with a new family, a new boyfriend and a new best friend! Life will be great, life will be wonderful!

"Okay," Casey thinks to herself. "This is gonna be hard, this is gonna be very hard!" But Casey knows that life can be hard. Lord knows hers has been! What to do? What to do? Casey starts a "To Do" List.

Step #1
Caylee will be the easiest to kill. She goes first. Figure out how to make chloroform. Search the internet.

Step #2
Mommy, Daddy and Lee. A fire would be great, but there goes my house. Yay! I'm gonna have my own house! Hmmm…. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning! Yes, simple! Wait till everybody's asleep and fill the house with carbon monoxide. Maybe the night of Caylee's funeral. Perfect!

Step #3
Tony and Amy. Note: wait at least a year. Regroup my thoughts then. Casey kills Caylee but gets caught before she has the chance to kill anybody else.

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4I Think What Really Happened To Caylee Is In This Book!
By MarinaB
This book was filled with theories as to what might have happened to poor little Caylee Anthony. Some of the theories were silly, but in my opinion, the truth is in this book somewhere! Thought provoking!

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