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Free Books For Kindle: Linked List Of Over 1,000 Free Fiction Classics For Download As Free Kindle Books From Amazon By Morris Rosenthal

Free Books For Kindle: Linked List Of Over 1,000 Free Fiction Classics For Download As Free Kindle Books From Amazon

Free Books For Kindle: Linked List Of Over 1,000 Free Fiction Classics For Download As Free Kindle Books From Amazon
By Morris Rosenthal

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I built this list after my father paid several dollars for a classic that was available free on Kindle. Everybody who loves classic literature knows that it can be confusing to find out-of-copyright copies for free with so many people trying to sell paid versions of the same titles.

This list of free classic eBooks on Amazon works works best on Kindle 3 and iPad. If you click the linked title, it will bring you directly to the product page for the free eBook in the Kindle store. If you are using a Kindle 3, an iPad, or other eBook reader with a decent web browser, you can sign into your Amazon account and download the eBook immediately.

If you are reading on an older Kindle 2 or Kindle 1, you can add the book to your Wish List and the next time you use a computer to access Amazon, you can have the Wish List items sent to your Kindle for free. Or, if you want to begin reading the eBook immediately on an older Kindle, you can simply note the title and cover design of the linked eBook in the Kindle store, and then search for the title with your Kindle. If there are multiple copies, pick the one with the cover that matches, confirm that it is free, and then download it to your Kindle.

Louisa May Alcott | Hans Christian Andersen | Elizabeth von Arnim | Jane Austen | Honoré de Balzac | L. Frank Baum | E. F. Benson | Marie Le Prince de Beaumont | M. E. Braddon | Charlotte Bronte | Frances Hodgson Burnett | Edgar Rice Burroughs | Lewis Carroll | Willa Cather | G. K. Chesterton | Agatha Christie | Wilkie Collins | Joesph Conrad | James Fenimore Cooper | Daniel Defoe | Charles Dickens | Fyodor Dostoyevsky | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Theodore Dreiser | Alexandre Dumas | George Eliot | Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing | Edna Ferber | Henry Fielding | Dorothy Canfield Fisher | F. Scott Fitzgerald | Gustave Flaubert | E. M. Forster | Mary Wilkins Freeman | R. Austin Freeman | Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell | Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | Zane Grey | Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm | H. Rider Haggard | Thomas Hardy | Nathaniel Hawthorne | O. Henry | Hermann Hesse | Mary Jane Holmes | Washington Irving | Henry James | James Joyce | Rudyard Kipling | Andrew Lang | D. H. Lawrence | Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu | Jack London | Hugh Lofting | W. Somerset Maugham | Herman Melville | George Meredith | A. A. Milne | John Milton | L.M. (Lucy Maud) Montgomery | Karen Niemann | Kathleen Thompson Norris | Marie Conway Oemler | Baroness Emmuska Orczy | Edgar Allan Poe | Beatrix Potter | Howard Pyle | Ayn Rand | Mary Roberts Rinehart | Marshall Saunders | Sir Walter Scott | George Bernard Shaw | Mary Shelley | Upton Sinclair | Robert Lewis Stevenson | Bram Stoker | Harriet Beecher Stowe | Gene Stratton-Porter | Jonathan Swift | William Makepeace Thackeray | Leo Tolstoy | Anthony Trollope | Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev | Mark Twain | Jules Verne | H.G. Wells | Elizabeth Wharton | Oscar Wilde | P. G. Wodehouse | Virginia Woolf | Johann David Wyss

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43 of 46 people found the following review helpful.
5Really useful and will save you a bundle
By Joel S. Kaminsky
Sure there are free books on Amazon, but finding them is not always so easy. This application helpfully alphabetizes a host of important books by author's name and then by title for each individual author. I have it on my IPAD and you just click on the book you are interested in, and it puts you right through to Amazon where you can then download it for free. A great application that will pay for itself hundreds of times over!

27 of 28 people found the following review helpful.
5Nice job on a useful resource
By Stephen Windwalker
Morris Rosenthal has done a nice job here in curating an excellent resource for readers, one that would have saved me hundreds of dollars back in my days as an English major. Most of the times you spend a buck on the internet you never get it back. This dollar will come back to you again and again and again.

I recommend downloading Free Books For Kindle and KINDLE FREE FOR ALL) directly to the Kindle app on your PC or Mac and using them there for easy downloading of many a terrific book.

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
5Smart Idea!
By Wolverine
It's usually time consuming and difficult to find all the free classics and this makes it easy. This program is very useful because it really works! Definitely worth a dollar :-) My Kindle is gonna be loaded, haha.

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