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Absolutely Organize Your Family By Debbie Lillard

Absolutely Organize Your Family

Absolutely Organize Your Family By Debbie Lillard

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Struggle Less and Savor More

Managing a family is no easy task. There are school projects to supervise, a constant deluge of laundry and toys to deal with, and after-school activities to drive to every night. It makes you wish you had an instruction manual to help you keep it all together—well, now you do!

Absolutely Organize Your Family is full of practical and effective solutions for all of your family's organizational challenges. Debbie Lillard, professional organizer, mother of three and author of the popular book Absolutely Organized, offers all new "Absolutes of Organizing Your Family" tips to help you gain and maintain order in three key areas of your family life: Schedules, belongings and spaces. Inside you'll find:

• Solutions for overcrowded and out-of-control schedules

• Advice on establishing morning, evening, and bedtime routines

• Strategies for organizing toys, collections, artwork, photographs, and more

• Ways to keep closets and dressers in order even in the midst of growth spurts

• Help for your child's schoolbag, desk, and locker

• Methods of keeping bedrooms organized

• Ideas for creating a homework area to improve study habits.

Spend less time struggling to keep up and more time savoring everyday moments with your family. Start your family's organizational makeover today.

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About the Author
Debbie Lillard is a Professional Organizer and a mother of three. After starting her own organizing business in 2003, she appeared on several episodes of HGTV's Mission: Organization. Since the release of her first book, Absolutely Organized (North Light Books, 2007), she has appeared on national talk radio shows and been quoted as an organizational expert in national magazines. She was recently interviewed for an article in the June 2009 issue of Real Simple.

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5Absolutely Organize Your Family is a Tool, a Resource, an Organizing Bible
By Claudine Wolk
Deb Lillard does it again after the success of her first book, Absolutely Organized, with her follow-up, Absolutely Organize Your Family. If there is one thing that parents need today more than anything, it's more time. Lillard has created a chapter by chapter guide to discover that time. I warn you, it's not going to be easy, but it may be easier than you think with Lillard's help. It's going to take a bit of soul-searching and some discipline, but the techniques described in Absolutely Organize Your Family do work and can last a lifetime, not just for you but for your entire family from childhood into adulthood.

Lillard starts by examining how Mom and Dad do things before getting to the entire family. It makes sense to take a look how Mom and Dad treat organization first, doesn't it? Once they are on board, Lillard encourages an examination of the schedule of the family. Families are encouraged to work together to decide how the family time should be divided whether that be work, school, sports, activities, down-time, vacation, summer, etc. The book continues with chapter after chapter of tips, suggestions, charts, and pictures to help the reader navigate each area of their family's life including: scheduling and calenders, chores for the kids (my favorite), routines for the everyday, making the most of spaces, room-cleaning, a method for organizing those old clothes, and my personal favorite - what the heck to do with all of those papers that come home from school.

Lillard writes with empathy (she is a mother of 3 herself), experience (she is a professional organizer and she shares her own client's experiences as well as experiences from other organizers) and fun (she is a big proponent of the concepts of "down-time" and "good enough.") What the reader comes away with is a terrific resource to make organizing changes in home and life that will last for years to come. This is a book that will pulled from your shelf time and time again.

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5Absolutely Organize Your Family
By C.S.
Absolutely Organize Your Family by Lillard is one terrific book!
This book covers a lot of things we mothers complain about. As a parent we often say ... "I didn't know that." as if it excused us/me. There is no wiggle room in this book. It tackled me and my stressors totally, explaining it all in a friendly, easy to understand, way. It specifically told me how to work with my kids schedules, letting them make choices so the kids themselves don't get overstressed. And... how to set up our family schedule for fun together. I even learned how to perserve sanity with all of the sports equipment that comes thru my front door. I am glad I read this before school started. Now I am in control! Thanks Mrs.Lillard.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Book for Busy Mom
By Lisa C.
Absolutely Organize Your Family is a terrific book and a quick read. I am the target audience for this topic - 2 kids, full time job, too many papers, easily distracted with never enough hours in the day. I am prone to putting everything on the dining room table when I walk in the house, figuring I will put it away "later". I was a big fan of Deb Lillard's 1st book and equally pleased with her second. It's entertaining as well as full of great but simple ideas and excellent tips.

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