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Family Handyman (1-Year)

Family Handyman (1-year)

Family Handyman (1-Year)

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Tackle any home improvement project or repair with help from The Family Handyman. Guarantee success with step-by-step instructions and how-to photos, plus save time and money with handy hints, workshop tips and new product reviews. No matter how little experience you have, The Family Handyman makes it easy!

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Customer Reviews

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5Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer!
By M. Dillon

Here's a fun and enjoyable magazine for a homeowner, or anyone who needs to do small to large home projects.

This is not a stuffy magazine on how to install your Italian marble whirlpool or how to remodel your 1875 New England Colonial. This is for the typical homeowner who wants ideas on new projects, and how to repair the everyday items around your house. Humor and well laid out instructions are the backbone of this magazine. (One of the best things is they admit where they made errors along the way of the project.)

What I like about this magazine?

***Ask Handyman
Here are questions from readers that are answered on various projects.

***Workshop Tips
In this section readers offer suggestions to use in your workshop to make a project go smoother.

***Handy Hints
More reader suggestions to help around the house. (It's like having that wise old handyman offer you tons of tips and ideas.)

***Great Goofs
Funny errors do-it-yourselfers offer on projects they attempted.

What I don't like about the magazine?

***New Products Section

These are the short, usually a paragraph or two, tips and suggestions that include a new product that makes a project easier. A web address or toll-free number to order the product follows the article. I often wonder if the product is really good or if the manufacturer just paid the magazine to talk it up.

As you can see the number of advantages far outweighs the disadvantages so a strong rating is a must for this magazine. I hope you enjoy it!

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5Lots of Great Ideas and Tips
By D. Irvine
This magazine strikes the perfect balance between ambitious home improvements and simple quick fixes of home maintenance. As a "weekend warrior" around the house, I want to see projects that I can actually do in a reasonable amount of time and without every specialty tool known to mankind.

Every issue there is one project that might take 3 weekends and even if I don't intend to do them, I always learn something. Very clear, easy to understand instructions and tips along the way.

There are a good selection of cool tools and time saving tips for everyday projects. They embed enough humor to keep the reading interesting. About the only bad thing I can say is that occasionally, they get a bit corny with their jokes but even that has seemed to drop off lately.

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5A bit glossy and "staged", but info and tips are great!
By B. T. Denyer
My ONLY gripe with this magazine is that the pictures are like those you would find in GQ magazine: they hire models to show you driving a nail or shoveling dirt for that new patio. These people use only brand new tools (brand name label showing of course) in a perfect-world dust free environment. The pictures make it look like it's a Sears catalogue.

Aside from that, the articles are great making it one of the best magazines for the do-it-yourselfer. I have saved more money from the tips in this magazine than any other magazine I subscribe to. Most articles can be done by any semi-skilled craftsman with access to a decent set of tools, making it an approachable magazine for the DIY'er.

I highly recedommend this magazine in conjunction with Fine Homebuilding magazine. In that magazine you will find that the pictures are of real people operating used tools in a real environment. The articles in Handyman are a bit more down-to-Earth, but together you will get the most benefit.



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